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Inmarsat Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal

Satellite Phone

Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal
By Thrane & Thrane


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The Explorer 500 is a midsized BGAN terminal that delivers download speeds up to 464 Kbps and upload speeds of 448 Kbps. Plug in any wired or wireless phone for crystal clear voice communication. This system is excellent for world travelers for its small size and ease of use, even with pointing.

Explorer 500 Features
Very Reliable in All Weather & Conditions.
Up to 464 Kbps down and 448 Kbps up Internet.
Works with any standard wired or wireless phone.
Battery Life - 36 hours standby.


The Explorer 500 satellite phone terminal is a great option for travelers looking for a small and lightweight voice and broadband data communications solution for personal use or the office.

From Thrane and Thrane, this multi-user Inmarsat Bgan Explorer 500 Satellite Phone for voice and Internet is feature rich allowing a colleague to check email while you check in with a client over the phone, from virtually anywhere on the planet.  

This mid-range terminal offers exceptional value with the highest data rate for a single-user or tandem team offering throughput speeds of up to 448kbps (25% faster then the eXpo 110). Dedicated streaming at 128kbps is double the available speed from the base 110 unit while an available rj-11 jack offers plug-and-play simplicity with any standard telephone, PBX or fax machine.

In short, the eXpo 500 combines exceptional performance with portability, meeting the needs of demanding business travelers with high-speed access to their remote and far-flung corporate networks. Bring along a fax machine and your small team has a productive mobile remote office.


Size217 x 217mm (<1.5kgs)
Standard IPUp to 448/464kbps (send and receive)
Streaming IP32, 64 or 128kbps (send and receive)
VoiceVia RJ11 or Bluetooth handset, 3.1 khz audio
Data InterfacesUSB, Bluetooth, Ethernet
Ingress protectionIP 54

Business Applications

AccessBroadband access to corporate networks facilitating access to company and customer information
InternetBrowse the internet at speeds up to 464kbps
EmailSend/receive email via web or pc applications
VoiceInitiate phone calls via while simultaneously accessing data
Audio/Video StreamingSelect guaranteed quality of service up to 128kbps on demand
Transferring FilesSend and receive large files.
Store/ForwardSave and send files


Key Benefits

Concurrent voice and broadband data

Access data applications while you initiate a phone call at the same time with a Bluetooth handset or standard telephone. Available IP streaming supported at speeds up to 128kbps on demand and ISDN at 64kbps.

Flexible Connectivity

Designed as two components so the antenna can remain outside while you work inside. Multi-user support enables an entire team to collaborate with a single unit, enabling an instant LAN. Supports both circuit-switched and IP packet data via USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth.


Splash and dust resistant.


With Explorer 500, transition from site to site and be transmitting again within minutes.


Provides service to Explorer phone subscribers anywhere within the BGAN coverage area.


The BGAN service can be from your laptop, from the terminal's built-in web interface or from the display/keypad.

Complete security

Reliable connections to proprietary data by the VPN application of your choice.


 Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal Photos
This Explorer 500 here uses a D-Link Wireless Access point to connect any wireless devices in range. (All BGAN terminals may be connected to a wireless access point via an Ethernet Cable).
BGAN Boat 
This BGAN Explorer 500 is used on an anchored boat on a river. The BGAN Explorer 300 and 500 have shown to work well if motion is limited on water.
 BGAN Ready Case
Place the Explorer 500 in a hardened plastic case. Choose from several configurations including adding a laptop.
BGAN systems may operate quite well in polar regions. If you have line-of-sight with a BGAN satellite, you can connect.
 BGAN Marine
This person uses a standard analog phone plugged directly into the BGAN terminal. BGAN terminals have excellent voice quality with a fairly low latency time (about 1 to 1.5 seconds)
BGAN coverage is world-wide except for the poles.

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Inmarsat Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal

Inmarsat Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal

Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal
By Thrane & Thrane


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