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Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

Magnetic Susceptibility Meter / Kappameter

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The pocket susceptibility meter KM-7 is designed for quick measurements of magnetic properties of rocks in situ. The use of KM-7 is especially advantageous for selecting suitable specimens for further precise laboratory studies of magnetic properties.


  • Mineral Exploration
  • Measuring on Drill Cores
  • Archeology


  • High Resolution
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Internal Non-volatile Data Memory
  • Single & Scan Mode of Operation
  • Measuring Pin
  • GPS Connection via Bluetooth


  • Sensitivity: 1 x 10-6 SI units
  • Measuring Range: ±999 x 10-3 SI units with automatically switched accuracy
  • Operating frequency: 10kHz
  • Display: 4 rows, backlight
  • Memory: 999 readings (without GPS data)
  • Controls: 4 switches: Escape, Enter, Up, Down
  • Interface: USB 2.0, Bluetooth
  • Power Consumption: 8 mA (without Bluetooth of backlight)
  • Battery: 2 x AAA
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to +60C
  • Dimensions: 165 x 68 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 250g including batteries
  • Accessories: Leather Case, Instruction Manual, USB Cable, Disk with comm. program


Description of Operations:

Kappameter KM-7 allows measuring in three modes:

  • SINGLE MODE - serves for taking individual readings. The measurement is carried out in two steps. By pressing the switch ENT for the first time, the instrument is cleared (zeroed); by pressing it for the second time, the susceptibility of the specimen is measured. To be cleared properly, the instrument must be removed from the measured rock and from other magnetic or conductive objects to a distance of at least 30 cm. The measured value may be stored in the memory. Measurement can be made with a flat head of the KM-7 (suitable for smooth rock surface) or with a pin, which gives more reliable results on rough surfaces. KM-7 can be calibrated for various diameters when measuring on drill cores. Using Bluetooth connection to GPS, coordinates can be added to measured values and together stored in the memory.


  • SCAN MODE - provides fast information on the distribution of susceptibility over a particular rock object. In this mode, the measurements are repeated automatically about three times a second. Each measured value is displayed but not stored in the memory.


  • REMOTE MODE - allows measured data to be directly transferred to PC using bluetooth or USB connection. In this mode the measurements are repeated automatically about five times a second. Each value is displayed on the computer screen (a list of values as well as a graph) and stored in the internal database.

The KMdata communication software
The program on the disk supplied serves for data transfer from the KM-7 to PC. The transferred data are stored to an internal program database where  they can be accessed and sorted. Any collection of data measured can be exported as a text file and used by other programs for further data processing. The KMdata software allows direct acquisition of measurements from KM-7 in the Remote Mode. The delivered program has also capability to upload a new firmware to the KM-7 device.

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Magnetic Susceptibility Meter / Kappameter

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