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Moisture·Point® offers accuracy within 1% in most soil conditions with specific calibration and 3% in most soil conditions without calibration. It can be used manually as a stand alone soil measurement tool or incorporated into a large, wide area network for remote, unattended operation. The primary components of the Moisture·Point® system are the MP-917 data viewing/logging instrument and the profiling or single-diode probes.

MP System Components

The MP-917 Instrument

The MP-917 instrument is specifically designed to interrogate Moisture·Point® probes, display data retrieved, and/or export the data received to a datalogger. The entire process is automatic once the MP-917's "MEASURE" activation button is pressed.

Digital data displayed is an average "Volumetric Water Content" measured over the length of each probe segment (one segment, in the case of a single-diode probe). Moisture·Point® readings achieve the stated accuracy (+or- 3%) without soil calibration. The MP-917 is pre-loaded with factory calibration coefficients for the standard probes offered by ESI. Other custom probe variations can be supported by changing instrument calibration tables using ESI's View·Point program.

View Point Software

View·Point is a user-friendly DOS utility program that controls and monitors the operation of the MP-917 instrument. With View·Point, the MP-917's operating parameters can be viewed and modified, individual steps of the instrument operation can be observed, and measurements which are normally made automatically can be performed manually. Consequently, View·Point can assist in verifying the correct operation of the MP-917, troubleshooting various fault conditions, and performing calibrations of many aspects of the Moisture·Point® soil moisture monitoring system. Communication between the MP-917 and View·Point is via RS232 serial communications to a PC.

All data can be logged to the internal data logger and redisplayed later, using commercial spreadsheet or graphics software. Logged files can also display specific information such as probe scan results, diode scans, waveforms, etc.

Select from the links below to view a screen shot of View·Point, as well as example charts created in Microsoft Excel® based on View·Point data:


ESI's profiling probes can be used as stand-alone sensors, or incorporated into multiplexed configurations for wide area monitoring networks. The profiling probe delivers accurate, contiguous vertical profiles of soil moisture content.

Probe Emulator

PE-5 Probe Emulator is an electronic device that is read by MP917 just like a probe, and that simulates a five-segment probe in saturated sand. The Probe Emulator provides perfectly stable readings, forever. MP917 is supposed to read specific and constant values out of it, and failure to obtain these values indicates a drift in the MP91's calibration.

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Moisture Point


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