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FLIR SV87-KIT Wireless Real Time Vibration Monitoring


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Vibration trending and analysis can help detect serious problems with industrial machines long before the damage can be seen. That’s why the FLIR SV87-KIT Vibration Monitoring Solution is essential for manufacturing processes that use rotating machinery, industrial pumps, fans, gearboxes, and motors. The included remote monitoring gateway stores sensor data and wirelessly transmits readings in real time to a mobile device or PC

◆ View real-time data and trending charts
◆ Predict mechanical failure before it occurs with automated vibration analysis
◆ Take corrective actions earlier through regular, routine monitoring and sampling
◆ Monitor conditions remotely from a mobile device or PC
◆ Interested? Please don't hesitate to call us @022-7106162
◆ Reduce the need to change the sensor battery, limiting direct contact with machinery
◆ Protect equipment from damage while ensuring a safer working environment by staying informed of abnormal conditions
◆ Receive an automatic alert or email the instant a defined vibration or temperature threshold is exceeded
◆ Review data samples that are automatically taken every 90 seconds and stored for further analysis
◆ Export sensor data to CSV files

◆ Sensitivity range: ±32 g
◆ Frequency range: 10 Hz to 1 kHz
◆ Connections & Communications: Bluetooth and WiFi
◆ OR wa us @0811-210-6162 / Telegram @dutapersada2
◆ Velocity data: mm/s or in/s derived from Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
◆ Capture rate: One data point/90 sec
◆ Data export format: CSV
◆ Data visualization: Min, Max, live, historical data and trending charts on mobile devices and Windows
◆ Alerts: When a user defined vibration or temperature threshold is exceeded, a warning alert or email is issued

◆ 4 GW65 Gateway for Vibration Monitoring Solution with AC connectors for US/EU/UK/AUS power outlets
◆ 4 SV87 Remote Vibration/Temperature sensors with adhesive tape
◆ Quick Start Guide

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FLIR SV87-KIT Wireless Real Time Vibration Monitoring

FLIR SV87-KIT Wireless Real Time Vibration Monitoring

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