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rezistenza SC


Single Channel Resistivity

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reżistenza SC is made to answer the needs of the resistivity measurement tool (geolistrik) are cheap and reliable. Resistivity instrument is designed for measurement of mobile (portable) with the current penetration depth reaches 100 m up to 150 m. At the G-SP Sound adjusting is not necessary to elaborate, through adjusting the value of the SP lead automatically corrected. This is especially helpful for inexperienced equipment operators. Weighing about 1 kg to make the work of data acquisition increases resistivity profiling or sounding light. Curent Source technologies contained in the reżistenza SC makes it powerful, anti short circuit the system outlet, where the short circuit condition often occurs when the space AB (current) is too close to or at the low impedance layer. With impedance multimeter on the instrument at 10 MΩ and 12 bit resolution makes measurement of voltage and current values are very precise and accurate.

The technology is applied to each resistivity instrument sources with current systems and anti short circuit can be used to perform measurements in a laboratory scale to measure the resistance of media eg soil (soil box), rock (core samples) and silt. Thus the reżistenza SC support for all necessary measurements in both field and laboratory.

Key Features

  • Measurements were performed manually and can be upgraded through computerization.
  • Lightweight and portable (weighing only 1 kg, excluding betere)
  • 100 mA current source
  • Anti-short circuit
  • Long battery life (current saving)
  • Can be used for the measurement of sounding or profiling / mapping the resistivity (field scale)
  • Can be used for measurements in laboratory scale: measurement of ground resistance, core and mud.



  • Voltage: 400V (100mA)
  • Max Voltage: 500 V
  • Current: 100 mA (RAB <4 K) constant current
  • Power: 75 W by 2 x 12 V NiCad Battery
  • Impedance: 10 M (high impedance)
  • Resolution: 12 bit (high resolution)
  • Depth of analysis: >150 m (moist soil)



  • Exploration of ground water
  • Mitigating soil movement (landslides)
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Study the environment (groundwater contamination)
  • Archaeology


Included Accessories

  • Battery 75 W by 2 x 12 V NiCad Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Electrode 4x
  • Current and voltage cable (300m)

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rezistenza SC

rezistenza SC

Single Channel Resistivity

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