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Data Recorders / Analyzers (EDX series)


Memory Recorder/Analyzers

High-Speed All-in-One Logger

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High-Speed Sampling at 200kHz/32 Channels (100kHz/64 Channels) and Simultaneous Recording of Moving Image with a High-Speed Camera
EDX-3000A is an advanced stationary measuring instrument having sophisticated features and high-speed processing capabilities. It is the highest-end model of EDX Series. Both online and offline control is available, and with an optional display and keyboard, it can be used as an all-in-one logger.Software having the similar functionality with well-received dynamic data acquisition software DCS-100A is installed in this model for monitoring and recording measurement data in a variety of graph windows, and at the same time, enabling simultaneous recording of measurement data and moving images as well as rosette analysis and other arithmetic operations.


  • Conditioner Cards Selectable for Specific Applications
  • Up to 8 cards can be mounted for measurement of a maximum of 64 channels
  • Highly User-Friendly Operation
  • Simultaneous recording of measurement data and moving images
  • Versatile Real-Time Processing Capability
  • Transformation into All-In-One Logger
  • Operable without a Monitor and Keyboard
  • Easy-to-Confirm Channel Status with LEDs
  • Online Remote Control of Multiple Instruments
  • External I/O Connectors (BNC)
  • Remote Control Unit RCU-42A (Option)
  • Built-in Backup Battery
  • Time synchronized measurement (option)

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Hardware Specifications

ModelEDX-3000A-H: Hard disk drive (HDD) 100GB
EDX-3000A-S: Solid state drive (SSD) 30GB
Conditioner cardsCDV-40A/B(-F), DPM-42A(-F), CTA-40A, CFV-40A,CCA-40A(-F), CAN-40A, CAN-41A
Input channelsMax. 64 (CDV-40B x 8)
Analog inputSee specs of respective conditioner cards for details.( here )
Digital input32 bits(TTL level, contact input)
Voice input1 channel (voice memo entered during recording can be saved with measurement data)
Sampling systemSimultaneous sampling of all channels
Sampling frequency

1-2-5 system
 1 Hz to 200 kHz for up to 32-channel data acquistion
 1 Hz to 100 kHz for up to 64-channel data acquisition
 1 Hz to 10 kHz for real-time simultaneous data processing or

CAN data measurement

2 n system
2 Hz to 131072 Hz for up to 32-channel data acquisition
2 Hz to 65536 Hz for up to 64-channel data acquisition
2 Hz~8192 Hz for real-time simultaneous data processing or

CAN data measurement

DisplayChannel status LED (OVER value can be speci_ed for each channel)
LCD for various status display (20 char. x 2 lines)
Operation keysFront mounted REC, STOP, BAL, OPT.
External control connectorsCONT IN, CONT OUT (remote control synchronous operation)
External I/O connectorsExternal trigger TRG IN, TRG OUT
External clock CLK IN, CLK OUT
(output at any frequency division ratio)
Operation status output READY
External device interfaceMini DIN 6-pin for keyboard
Mini DIN 6-pin for mouse
15-pin VGA connector for external display
USB 2.0 ports, 2 on the front and 6 on the rear
LAN port 10/100/1000BASE-T
Power supply100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Built-in battery for instantaneous power failure
Current consumption2.0 A (For 100 VAC, CDV-40A/B x 8)
Operating temperature & humidity range0 to 40℃, 20 to 80%RH(noncondensing)
Storage temperature range-20℃ to 60℃
Vibration resistance49.0 m/s 2 (5 G), 5 to 55 Hz (when not operating)
29.4 m/s 2 (3 G), 5 to 55 Hz (when operating)
EDX-3000A-H:9.8m/s 2 (1G)、10 to 200 Hz (when operating)
EDX-3000A-S:19.6m/s 2 (2G)、10 to 200 Hz (when operating)
Shock resistance196.1m/s 2 (20 G)/11 ms
Dimensions440(W)×186(H)× 341(D)mm(excluding LCD and protrusions)
WeightApprox. 13.8kg (mainframe only)

Optional Accessories

Detachable 15-in LCD EMON-30A,


Mouse, Remote control unit RCU-42A

※The DC24V specification can be manufactured.

Software Specifications

A monitor, mouse and keyboard are required for setting, monitoring and data reproduction.

Measuring Condition Setting

MeasurementON/OFF, measuring modes, range, high-pass filter,low-pass filter, balance ON/OFF, CAL range,CAL ON/OFF, calibration coefficient, offset, unit,channel name, measuring range, rated capacity,rated output, numeric display digits (any display itemscan be selected)
Number of recordable data itemsUp to remaining disk space of built-in memory
(sampling frequency 1 to 10kHz) 2 to 2,000,000,000data items (sampling frequency 10001Hz to 200kHz)
Manual measurementRecording from REC to STOP, or designated number of data items from REC
Interval measurementAutomatic recording according to designated starting time and recording interval
Trigger measurementRecording starts and stops according to designated trigger conditions.

Common trigger conditions :
End trigger : Settable
Delay amount : Max. 4,194,304 data items/
channel for both start and end

* Delay amount depends on the sampling frequency and number of measuring channels.

Analog trigger conditions :
Trigger channel : Any 1 channel
Trigger level : An engineering value
Trigger slope : Up/Down
Digital trigger conditions :
Trigger bit : Any 1 bit
 Trigger level : 0, 1
External trigger conditions :
Trigger slope : Up/Down

Complex trigger conditions :
Trigger source : Any 4 analog/digital channels,an external trigger channel,or a manual trigger channel

AND/OR : AND/OR can be used for analog trigger, digital trigger and external trigger.

Trigger level : An engineering value is set for the analog channel, and the analog channel, and

Trigger slope : Up/Down

TEDS InformationTEDS Information is read and channel conditions are set, according to the read conditions automatially.

Measuring Operations

Monitor measurement, recording start, pause, stop balancing,CAL output, etc.
Real-time processing :
Monitoring and recording of data can be done simultaneously.
The sampling frequency up to 10kHz is available.
Moving image data acquisition with Web camera

DirectX compatible Web camera

(recognized by the OS as an image device)

Number of cameras1
ResolutionMax. 640 x 480
Frame rateMax. 30 fps
Saving file formatAVI format
* Resolution and frame rate depend on the camera. The Web camera is optional.
Measuring conditions during recordingManual mode, manual mode (set record data)
Arithmetic Processing
High-pass/ low-pass filter

Cutoff frequency : One-half of the sampling frequency or less

Order : 2 nd to 4 th

Number of differentiations/integrations1, 2
Number of moving average data items2 to 5000
Arithmetic operation

Max. 32 arithmetic expressions can be set (up to 200 characters)  6-component force matrix input

Operators : +, -, *, /, power,parentheses,sine,cosine,tangent,

arcsine, arc cosine, arc tangent, common logarithm,

natural logarithm, exponent

Triaxial rosette analysis (maximum principal strain, minimum  principal strain, maximum shearing strain, maximum principal  stress, minimum principal stress, maximum shearing stress,  direction of principal strain)

Measuring conditions during arithmetic operationMeasurement mode : Manual mode, manual mode (set record data),interval mode
FFT Analysis
Analysis typeLinear spectrum, power spectrum, cross spectrum,auto-correlation, cross-correlation
Window functionOFF, Hamming, Hanning, Fejer, Blackman, Gaussian
Number of analysis data256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192
Number of analysis windowsMax. 8
Saving file formatKyowa standard file format (KS2)
KS2 file version: 01.04


Y-Time graph

X-axis indicates the time, and Y-axis the physical

amount of measurement for a maximum of 16 channels.

1 to 4 graphs can be displayed on a window.

Y-Time (DIV) graph

X-axis indicates the time, and Y-axis the physical amount

of measurement for a maximum of 16 channels.

Y-Time (all channel) graph

Unlike the time-series graph above,the zero point of the channel can beplaced at any place on the Y-axis scales.X-axis indicates the time, and Y-axis thephysical amount of measurement for allchannels.

Unlike the time-seriesgraphs above, the line color is the samefor all channels.

X-Y graphAny combination of 8 channels can be plotted on X- and Y-axis.
Bar graph

Up to 32 channels are contained in a graph. 1 to 4 graphs

can be indicated on a window. Peak hold ON/OFF

Digital graph

X-axis indicates the time, and Y-axis bit data of a digital channel (upto 16 bits).

1 to 4 graphs can be displayed on a window.

Circle meterAny one channel is displayed in a circle meter.
Bar meterAny one channel is displayed in a horizontal or vertical bar meter.
Numeric displayAny one channel, 16 channels or all channels are listed.
Display colorAny color can be selected.
Title, labelsAny title or X- and Y-axis labels can be specified.
Any title or X- and Y-axis labels can be specified.8 numeric windows, 8 graph windows
InformationVarious information can be appended to the title or status bar.

Data Reproduction

Recorded Data Display 
Graph display4 patterns of display condition can be set for a graph.
Y-Time graph : X-axis indicates the time, and Y-axis the physical amount of measurement for up to 16 channels. 1 to 4 graphs can be displayed on a window.
X-Y graph : Any 4 graphs can be plotted on X- and Y-axis.
All data displayAll data can be displayed on a window at an interval of 4 channels.
of 4 channels.A list of recorded data is displayed. Data for 16 channels, with a maximum of 10000 data items for each channel, is displayed in a window.

Numeric display of the engineering value of cursor position.

Enlarged display of two cursors. Scroll.

Header information

Display and editing of titles and channel conditions

(calibration,coefficient, offset, engineering unit, etc.)

KS2 fileMAX/MIN data display, voice data list and reproduction
Moving image reproductionReproducible file format AVI
Operations : Play, stop, pause, frame-by-frame forward/baclward,zoom, changing reproduction speed
Synchronous display : Playback of moving image data coupled with the cursor for graph waveform.
Data Analysis 
Statistic processing

A list of maxima, minima, averages and standard deviations in a desired section of the data file.

The results are saved in CSV files.

Arithmetic operation

Inter-channel operation for up to 2 files. The result is saved in a new file (up to 320 expressions can be specified).

Expression : Up to 60 characters

Operator : +, -, *, /

Sine, cosine, tangent, arc sine, arc cosine, arc tangent, common,

logarithm, natural logarithm, exponent Triaxial rosette analysis

(max. principal strain, min. principal strain, max. shearing strain,

max. principal stress, min. principal stress, max.shearing stress,

direction of principal strain)

FFT analysisAnalysis type : Linear spectrum, power spectrum,cross spectrum, auto-correlation, cross-correlation,coherence, transfer function
Window function : OFF, Hamming, Hanning, Fejer, Blackman,Gaussian
No. of analysis data : 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192,16384, 32768
Filter : 12 steps of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000,2000Hz and FLAT
No. of integrations : 0 to 2
Average No. of times : 1 or more (0: whole waveform)
No. of shifts : 2 or more
Analysis typeAnalysis graph 1Analysis graph 2
Linear spectrumAmplitude (linear)/amplitude (log)Phase
Power spectrumAmplitude (linear)/amplitude (log)
CrossspectrumAmplitude (linear)/amplitude (log)Phase
Transfer functionTransfer functionPhase

Analysis results are saved in CSV files

Histogram analysisNo. of channels : All channels

Algorithms :

Peak/valley, maxima/minima, 1D rainflow, Amplitude,

1D time at level, 1-dim rainflow + peak/valley,

1D rainflow + maxima/minima, 2D rainflow

No. of slices :
1D algorithm : Even numbers from 10 (5) to 256 (128)
2D algorithm : Even numbers from 10 to 50
Slice width, hysteresis, offset (for maxima/minima), etc.can be specified.
Results : Tabular or drawing display (3D display for 2D rainflow)
FilteringDigital filter: IIR filter for 4th order Butterworth characteristics
(no delay and -6dB at the cutoff frequency)

High-/low-pass filter : FLAT to 500kHz (effective up to
one-half of the sampling frequency)


Differentiation/ integration

No. of times of differentiation/integration(1, 2) and an engineering

unit can be specified after processing.

Average correction is possible for integration.

Multiple file conversionConversion to CSV, XLS or RPCIII format
File couplingMultiple files (master and slave) acquired in synchronized operation can be coupled into one file.
Reverse file conversionData files converted by this software into CSV format can be converted into KS2 format.
Multiple file analysis

Analysis of multiple files under same conditions.

Histogram analysis, filtering and differentiation/integration are available.

OtherOverwriting of multiple files
Up to 16 data files can be displayed and overwritten as Y-Time data.


Synchronous operation settingStandalone, synchronous master,synchronous slave
Recording settingStorage of data files
Automatic file conversionAutomatic file conversion after measurement (CSV, XLS or RPCIII format)
Engineering unit specificationUp to three user specified engineering units can be registered.
OtherOscillator switching (internal, external), operation beep,balance standard, front speaker ON/OFF


Printable itemSetting conditions, numeric data, graphs
RemarkOptional printer driver is required.

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Memory Recorder/Analyzers

High-Speed All-in-One Logger

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