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All-in-one measuring instrument with optional conditioner cards mounted
The EDX-2000B is a general purpose, expandable, all in one instrument that can measure, monitor, record, and process signals detected by various sensors. It is available in 32 channel type and 64 channel type.The EDX-2000B starts measuring according to preset conditions and can simultaneously sample signals in 16 channels at 200 kHz (32 channels at 100 kHz). The recorded and processed data can easily be transferred online or offline to the PC. Furthermore, the EDX-2000B enables recording of voice memos, analog reproduction of recorded data with an optional DA card, and recording of CAN data with an optional CAN card.


  • Able to monitor input signals and check processed results in real time by processing data for FFT or histogram, while measurement is in progress.
  • The strain/voltage measuring card CDV-40B provides 8 channels.
  • Built-in large capacity hard disk enables recording of approximately 13 hours of data sampled at 10 kHz in 32 channels.
  • Voice memos can be recorded together with measured data.
  • An optional CAN card enables CAN data recording.
  • An optional DA card enables reproduction of analog data.
  • FFT analysis, histogram analysis, arithmetic operation are possible.
  • Max. sampling frequency is 200 kHz, and simultaneous sampling in 16 channels is possible even at such a high frequency.
  • Interactive operation makes measuring tasks easy and speedy.
  • Easy-to-handle ATA card or hard disk card is optionally available for offline data transfer to the PC.
  • LAN interface enables online data transfer to the PC.
  • A battery is built in to safeguard†against instantaneous power failure.
  • Data is saved in KYOWA standard file format KS2 and can be analyzed by the optional data analysis software DAS-100A.
    ※For the data analysis software  DAS-100A .

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General Specifications


ModelMaximum analog input(CH)Number of Slots*Storage device(Built-in disk)

*Slots : To accommodate conditioner cards
※(E) is the English version.

Number of Input ChannelsEDX-2000A-32: Max. 32
EDX-2000A-64: Max. 64
Number of input channels = Number of slots x number of mounted conditioner cards, each of which provides 4 or 8 channels
Analog InputRefer to specifications of conditioner cards.
Digital Input16 bits, TTL level, contact input
Voice Input1 channel (Voice memos can be recorded together with measured data.)
Number of Output ChannelsRefer to specifications of DA card.
MethodSimultaneous sampling of all channels




1 Hz to 200 kHz for up to 16-channel data recording
1 Hz to 100 kHz for up to 32-channel data recording
1 Hz to 50 kHz for up to 64-channel data recording
1 Hz to 10 kHz for simultaneous data processing
Data Recording Capacity30 GB or more (Refer to Software
Specifications - Number of Recorded Variables.)
Display10.4-inch color LCD 
(for setting various conditions and monitoring in graphic and numeric formats)
OperationThrough panel keys and external keyboard
External Control SignalExternal clock input
Interface Ports 
KeyboardMini DIN 6-pin port for connection to English keyboard; conforming to 106
External Display

15-pin port (VGA) for monitor display

Compatible with optional ATA card or hard disk card for collecting recorded data

LANFor transferring recorde data to the PC (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)

Power Supply


AC line or 10 to 30 VDC; battery is built in for
instantaneous power failure.
Current ConsumptionWith the CDV-40B card mounted to all channels and with full load
Power SupplyEDX-2000A-32EDX-2000A-64
100 VAC, 50Hz2.3A2.8 A
100 VAC, 50Hz1.3A1.5 A
200 VAC, 50Hz1.3A9.4 A
12 VDC3.8A4.6 A
Operating Temperature/Humidity Range0 to 40℃, 20 to 80%RH(noncondensing)
Storage Temperature Range-20 to 60℃
Vibration Resistance29.42 m/s 2 (3 G), 5 to 55 Hz (when operating)
49.03 m/s 2 (5 G), 5 to 55 Hz (when not operating)
Shock Resistance196.1 m/s 2 (20 G)/11 ms
Dimensions & WeightEDX-2000A-32
350(W) x 132(H) x 300(D) mm (excluding protrusions),
approx. 12 kg (with 2 units of 8-channel CDV-40B mounted)
430(W) x 156(H) x 300(D) mm (excluding protrusions),
approx. 13 kg (with 2 units of 8-channel CDV-40B mounted)

Standard Accessories

Digital input card DIB-40A (built in)

AC power cable P-18 (with conversion adapter CM-33)

DC power cable P-70

Simplified Instruction ManualInstruction manual (CD-R)

Optional Accessories

  • Dummy panel EDX2000-DUMMY
  • Remote control unit RCU-40A
  • Synchronous cable N-94 (Synchronous measurement in a maximum 640 channels is possible by connecting 10 units.)
  • 8-channel bridge box
  • Data Analysis Software DAS-100A



Control FunctionsREC : Starts data acquisition
PAUSE : Pauses data acquisition
STOP: Stops data acquisition
“ VOICE MEMO”: Records voice memo (microphone built in)
Cable Length1.5m



Setting Measuring Conditions

Measuring Channel ConditionsMeasuring channel, range, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, calibration coefficient, offset, unit, channel name
Measurement Modes
Manual measurementManual measurement keys or remote-control unit.
Trigger measurementAutomatically starts measurement when the Automatically starts measurement when the preset trigger conditions are satisfied.
Interval measurementAutomatically starts measurement at the preset time intervals.

Settng Sampling Frequency


Number of Measurements2 to hard disk remaining capacity (sampling at 1 to 10,000 Hz)
2 to 2,000,000,000 (approx. 4 GB, sampling at 16,384 to 200,000 Hz)
Test InformationTest title, date/time,comment, items/ contents
Saving and Reading Measuring Conditions

Measurement and Data Acquisition

Monitor Modes
NumericMeasured values are digitally indicated.
Y-Time graph1, 2, 3 or 4 graphs are displayed on a single screen.
Bar graphValues of all channels (max. 64) are displayed on bar graph.
X-Y graph1 or 2 graphs are displayed on a single screen. 
Each graph may be traced as a relative graph with 4 channels.
Processing Data under Measurement 
Types of simultaneous analysisFFT analysis, histogram analysis
Either one can be selected during monitoring or recording
FFT Analysis 
Types of FFT analysisLinear spectrum, power spectrum,cross spectrum, auto-correlation,cross-correlation
Number of analyzed data256, 512, 1024, 2048
Window functionsOFF (square window), hanning, hamming,Fejer, Blackman, Gaussian
Histogram Analysis 
Types of histogram analysisMax/Min, Peak/ Valley
1D rainflow,2D rainflow
Number of Slices1D : 16 (±8), 32 (±16), 64 (±32),
128 (±64),256 (±128)
2D : 16 (±8), 32 (±16)
Hysteresis2 to preset number of slices
OffsetCan be set for the Max/Min analysis method.

Data Reproduction

Graphic Display 
Types of Graph 
Y-Time graph1, 2, 3 or 4 graphs on a single screen
X-Y graph1 graph is displayed on a single screen; the graph may be traced as a relative graph with 8 channels.
All channels graphMax. 16 channels/screen
Graphic display conditionsDisplay channel(s), scale, number of values to be displayed, auxiliary line, etc.
Graph controlScroll, cursor operation and value indication,zoom in/zoom out, all data display/magnification,playback of voice memos, etc.
Saving and reading display conditions
Editing Data File 
DataChanging and editing recorded measurements (The number of measurements which can be edited at a time is limited.)
HeaderChanging the header information (date/time of data acquisition, calibration coefficient, offset, unit, comment,channel name)
Saving formatsKYOWA standard KS2, CSV, Excel
Conversion to ASCII (CSV) format Possible
Saving as a different filePossible
ExtractingPossible to save a desired portion of the data file as a different file
Statistic processingPossible to display and save maximum,minimum, average and standard deviation of the recorded data
Analog outputPossible to reproduce recorded analog data through the optional DA card


Arithmetic Operation 

Arithmetic operation is performed between desired channels in max.

2 data files and the results are saved in a designated file.

Setting Items 
Calculating File Name(s)Designate 1 (A) or 2 (A and B) data files.
For 2 data files, the sampling frequency should be the same.
File Name of Calculated ResultsDesignate the file name to save results of arithmetic operation.
Operating ChannelsAnalog channels only (A01 to A64, B01 to B64)
e.g. "A06" indicates channel 6 of file A and "B28," channel 28 of file B.
Channels of Calculated ResultsMax. 32 (C01 to C32)
(C**;** indicates the expression description channel.)
e.g. C06 = (expression) makes the operated result saved in channel C06.
ExpressionDesignate expression f ( ) in C** = f (A**, B**).
The expression should be within 60 digits.
The number of expressions (channels of calculated result) available for setting is maximum 192.
UnitA desired engineering unit can be designated for the calculated result.
Channel NameComment on the channel of calculated result
Operators and Expression 
Operators+, –, *, /, trigonometric functions, logarithmic function,exponential function, rosette function

Parenthesis (up to level 3) and variable cannot be used.

"+" and "–" are also effective as signs (e.g.-5.7, -A15).

Any calculated result (channel) cannot be used for any expression of other channel of calculated result. Also,any recursive processing is not possible.
(e.g. C10 = C01 + C02, C12 = C12 + 3,1415 cannot be used.)
Saving and reading calculating conditions

FFT Analysis

FFT analysis is performed on data of desired channel(s) of recorded data file and analyzed results are saved in a designated file.

The results are graphically displayed for confirmation.

Types of FFT analysisLinear spectrum, power spectrum, cross spectrum, auto-correlation, cross-correlation
Analysis conditions 
Analyzing Channel(s)1 or 2 (depends on type of FFT)
FilterLow-pass filter can be applied for pre-processing.
IntegrationData can be integrated 1 or 2 times for pre-processing
Number of analyzed data256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096,8192,16384, 32768
Window functionsOFF (square window), hanning, hamming,Fejer, Blackman, Gaussian
Averaging times and number of shift dataAveraging of FFT results (1 to 99 times) and number of shift values (1 to 9999)
Analysis start pointDesignate the starting point of analysis on the target data.
Analysis result fileAnalyzed results are saved together with the target time-series data.
Analysis result graphTarget time-series data and analyzed results are graphically displayed.
Cursor display and zoom-in/zoom-out of X and Y axes are possible.
Saving and reading analysis conditions
Histogram Analysis
Histogram analysis is performed on recorded data and analyzed results are saved in a designated file. The results can be tabulated or graphed for confirmation.
Setting Items
Target channelSelectable
Types of histogram analysisA) Peak/valley (P/V)
B) Maximum/minimum (MAX/MIN)
C) 1-dimensional rainflow (RAIN [1D])
D) 2-dimensional rainflow (RAIN [2D])
E) Amplitude (AMPLITUDE)
F) 1-dimensional time at level (TIME [1D])
G) Complex: 1-dimensional rainflow + Peak/Valley (RAIN&P/V)
H) Complex: 1-dimensional rainflow + Max/Min (RAIN&M/M)
Number of Slices10 (5) to 256 (128) for 1D types (abovementioned A, B, C, E, F,G and H )
10 to 50 (even number) for 2D type (abovementioned D)
Slice widthDesignated with physical value
HysteresisSet the number of masking slices in a range of 0 to the preset number of slices.
OffsetDesignated with physical value for max/min analysis.
Analyzing fileRecorded data file or file of results obtained through arithmetic operation
Analysis result fileFile of histogram analysis results
Result Display
TableList of histogram analysis results for every processed channel
GraphGraph of histogram analysis results for every channel
(For 2D type, 3-dimensional graph is displayed.)
Differentiation/Integration, Filtering and Moving Averaging
Number of differentiation/integration times1 or 2 selectable
Average correction possible for integration
Digital FiltersIIR digital filter : 4th order Butterworth characteristics (with cutoff characteristic of -3dB and no phase lag)
High-pass filter : FLAT, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 Hz
Low-pass filter : FLAT, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Hz
(Effective at up to one-half the sampling frequency)
Moving Averaging1 to 999 times

File Management

FunctionsCopy file, delete file, change file and folder names, sort,
create/delete folder, convert data collectively
Types of Target FileCondition file, data file, and text file

Setting Environment

Setting ItemsData recording folder, condition saving folder,
date/time, display of effective battery life, etc.

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Memory Recorder/Analyzers

All-in-One Logger

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