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When Coiler Corporation was first founded in 1991

When Coiler Corporation was first founded in 1991, its focus was mainly on manufacturing electronic engine equipment. In 1994 it started to diversify and began its RF division where the company's portfolio included GSM and DCS gain adjustable repeaters, AMPS small repeaters and single-band car boosters. In 1999 the company developed a medium-sized band selective repeater and later added a dual-band car booster.

Further developments resulted in the company to design small sized band selective repeaters, 5 watt band selective repeaters and dual band selective repeaters. With the increase in popularity of the UMTS technology, in 2005 Coiler introduced their first UMTS repeater and is currently expanding their UMTS repeater portfolio as the demand for UMTS related products are quickly on the rise.

Related products and accessories such as antennas and splitters have continuously been added to the company's portfolio for the deployment of wireless networks. For network operators, Coiler developed an Operation and Maintenance System, which allows them to monitor and control some of their repeaters remotely.


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