Universal Programmer

Universal Programmer

A high performance programmer for both engineering &...

A high performance programmer for both engineering & production

        ALL-100A programmer is a revised version of ALL-100 programmer. Major

enhancements include: The revised core processor with built-in 8K-byte cache speeds up programming time by 10% ~ 50%; The regulated device supply voltages further improve IC programming stability; The new USB processor further speeds up and stabilizes data link / transfer.

        ALL-100A/AP programmer has 48/68 sets of Precise Universal Pin Driver to

provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for various IC products including high speed low power devices recently released to market.

        ALL-100A/AP can be setup for either single-site programming for engineering

or multi-site programming for production. If required, up to 8 sets of ALL-100AP can be setup for multi-set operation so up to 64 sites can be programmed simultaneously to maximize production.

        The supporting software is updated weekly on web site for check / retrieve

through Internet. Programming of new products will not be neglected after purchasing.

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